Our Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) plastic compounds were developed under our brands CONGuard® CONFill® and CONLink® to provide excellent flame resistance and low smoke properties for global halogen free cable applications. LSHF is currently is being used in industrial, energy, power and data cable designs.
Main topic the recent year is the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) forcing all cable manufacturers to align constructions and materials to meet the new requirements.
Condor Compounds was present during the whole development of the CPD till to the birth of the CPR and is offering proven solutions for power cable, data cable and optical fibre cable for insulation, tight buffer, bedding compounds and sheathing.
During the Wire Düsseldorf 2016 we are prepared to discuss with you your particular constructions and giving recommendations of products providing technically and commercially state of the art solutions for CPR complying and other constructions.