For high performance Wire & Cable applications, where higher temperature, abrasion & chemical resistance are required, the compound must be crosslinked. Condor Compounds offers a broad range of crosslinkable compound for the Wire and Cable industry

  • according to various specifications
  • insulation, bedding or sheathing compounds or
  • peroxide-, irridiation- or silane- (thermosetting) crosslinkable
  • halogen free or halogen containing
  • flame retardant or non flame retardant
  • rubber or polyolefine based
  • flexible or oilresistant
  • high temperature stable

CONLink® Range of products

Name Tear strength Temperature LOI TI Characteristics
CONLink®I 4800 12,5/300 125°C 28 240 E-Beam, MDH based insulation
CONLink®I 4900 12,5/300 150°C 28 240 E-beam, MDH based insulation
CONLink®I 8895 12/185 90°C/120°C 37 290 E-beam, high oil resistant
CONLink® I 4100   90°C 34 270 Ambient curing,BS 7211/EI5
CONLink® S 4200   90°C 35 270 Ambient curing, SHF2
CONLink S 4250   125°C 34 270 Ambient curing, SHF2, EI5
CONLink I 7050   90°C 34 270 Ambient curing, flexible HEPR
CONLink S 4310   90°C 34 270 NEK 606 mud reisitant, SHF2
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