Elastomer based filling or bedding compounds have been the first products Condor Compounds when started the operation in 1983. CONDOR bedding compounds have been successfully supplied all over the world for the widest possible range of cable constructions. And a large proportion of cable compounds produced at Condor Compounds - beside our LSFOH sheathing and insulation compounds - are still elastomer-based bedding compounds

CONFill® elastomeric and polyolefinic based bedding compounds have been designed for

  • German building wires with PVC-insulation and PVC sheathing compounds (NYM, NYY)
  • French or Belgium building wire constructions with XLPE insulation and PVC-sheathing
  • for XLPE, PE, PP, EPR or PUR insulated cable constructions
  • for LSFOH - cable constructions with various fire performances
  • according to various BS-standards