Condor Compounds CONGuard® LSFOH (low smoke and fume, zero halogen) compounds are suitable for most requirements in the building, mass transit, tunnel and airport applications.

  • The highly flame-retardant, zero-halogen materials emit no corrosive gases when burned.
  • Used for sheathing and/or primary insulation either thermoplastic or cross-linked.
  • Available with specialist additives such as antioxidant, UV stabiliser, etc.
  • Available with additives such as antioxidant, UV stabiliser, etc.
  • Complying with global specifications  to meet a number of international specifications for zero halogen cables such as Cenelec  HD 624.7 S1 and HD 624.6 S1, IEC 60092 Type SHF1, VDE 0207 part 24 HM2, HM4 and HM5, VDE 0207 part 23 HJ2 (Germany), BS 6724, BS 7655 LTS 1, LTS 2, LTS 3 and LTS 4 (UK), CEI 20.11 M1, CEI 46.29, CEI 46.34 (Italy), NF C 32062-1, NF C 32062-2 (France), UNE 21123-4 and UNE 211002 (Spain).
  • Radiation resistant to IEC 544 and oil resistance grades are available
  • Suitable applications include: data & telecom, LAN, power, shipboard, automotive, loose tube, mini-tube, etc.